We cater to roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, tourers - pretty much anyone!

If you want your bike running like a dream, you've come to the right place.

Let our magical hands transform your clunky gears into smooth, quiet shifting!

Marvel at the way we can make that mysterious creak disappear!(unless it’s your knees).

Bronze Service

Basically a Reset Service, resetting the bike back to new and often better than new.
Check and adjust Gears inc: Derailleur position, check limit screws, set cable tension.
Check Brakes: Check operation. Inspect Pads, replace if required, set up calipers.
Check Crank bolts and torque to factory setting.
Check and adjust headset, check stem and handlebar torque setting. Tension if required.
Check wheel condition, tru wheels in bike if required. Check tyre pressure.
Wipe down, lube chain
Test ride.                                                                                                    

Silver Service

Bronze service plus:

Bike wash and Drive train degrease
Remove rear derailleur, re-align derail hanger and refit.
Lube gear cables, replace if required.
Clean brake pad surface, replace if required.
Lube brake cables, replace if required.
Remove cranks, check bottom bracket, replace if required, tighten to factory torque settings. Refit cranks and torque.
Remove wheels, check bearings and adjust. Tru wheels in truing stand.

$88.00 ( Labour only, parts extra). 

Gold Service

This is completely different to the Bronze and Silver services. We start off with washing the bike prior to starting work.
We then strip the bike, wheels out, cranks off, remove bottom bracket, remove handlebars and stem, then remove forks and headset. Basically strip the bike then give the frame a good clean.
The wheels are checked, hubs pulled apart and greased, as required.
We then do whatever is necessary, rebuilding the bike to perfect running order, fitting new parts as required and agreed by owner.
Every bike is different and the work required is also different, with the Gold Service we aim to do whatever is required to making the bike feel as good as new.
If you are a passionate rider and use your bike to its full potential then this is a service that should be done once a year.

$195.00 (Labour only, parts extra).